The general public take up cruelty free perfume

Animal rights and cruelty free products have long been marginalised issues, over the past decade though, this is change for the better. Cruelty free perfume is no longer just a concern of vegans and those who pay close attention to animal rights, the issue has gained enough coverage in the mainstream media that it has come to the forefront of most peoples’ minds when they are shopping for cosmetics. In years gone by you could have asked a member of the general public which brands were animal friendly and they would not have knows, nowadays perfumes and other cosmetics actively display this on their packaging meaning it is easier than ever to tell.

cruelty free perfume

This change was not brought about easily however, it required persistent campaigning and petitioning of the government to get companies to abandon their old ways of testing things and animals prior to human usage. The active testing of these takes of products en rabbits and other animals meant that conditions were usually less than ideal and sometimes cruel. Through years of raising awareness from places like schools, Classrooms and at animal related events awareness has been gradually raised to the point where most people will seek out a cruelty free alternative.

Cruelty Free Perfume is easier than ever to find

In order to make any type of product successful it needs to be easy for members of the general public to find out information. Cruelty free perfume endorsement by professional parties now means that manufacturers display this information boldly and proudly on their products if they meet a certain set of criteria. Per fumes in particular were widely tested on animals, this is now no longer the case has scientifically alternatives have been found. There are a number of frequencies is out there that still rely on relatively crude and cruel methods of testing, but these are becoming less and less common.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics get a major boost internationally

When it comes to animal rights, the United Kingdom has always been at the forefront of new development and changes, and usually for the better. It is exciting news though to report that more and more countries are adopting animal friendly practices and things like cruelty free cosmetics are becoming widespread. There are however some countries that lag behind others when it comes to cosmetics, but with consistent pressure from certain groups even these countries that are not known for their ethical cosmetics and perfumes are slowly adapting better back This is in order to sell to a wider market.

cruelty free cosmetics

Internationally there are a number of groups who are responsible for the monitoring of cosmetic testing, to ensure that it is carried out any cruelty free and ethical manner. These days so there really is no excuse for testing things like fragrances and cosmetics on any living creature when there are so many viable alternatives out there. Typically things will be tested on animals in the past because they were the closest thing to their human counterpart, of which there exist strict and stringent laws on testing and product development.

Where to find cruelty free cosmetics

Cruelty free cosmetics can be found in a number of places, no longer the produce of a select number of shops but are now stocked in most major department stores. It may be still would ask any member of staff who is knowledgeable on animal friendly products to point to you in the direction of the best ones out there but generally most major brands are now making the switchover if they have not done so already. Animal rights have becoming a far more important topic to most manufacturing companies simply because they know that consumers will not tolerate the alternative. There are a number of logos to look out for that indicate that cosmetics are cruelty free, for more information on this it really was doing a Google search to see what governing bodies are out there.